Company presents high quality products- adhesive tapes with different backings. Always in store:
  • BOPP polypropilen based clear adhesive tape (scotch)rolls. Comes in boxes.Each box contains 72 rolls. Each 6 rolls are packed using a special tape. Used as packing material and for fixing of products made from wood, metal, different plastics etc. In assortment there are four types of scotch, which differ by the length of the tape. The rolls width for all types is 48mm.
  • Paper based adhesive tape rolls(Masking tape). Comes in boxes. Each box contains rolls with width 24mm – 144pcs, 36mm - 96pcs, 48mm – 72pcs, 72mm – 48pcs. Used for creating masking surfaces while drawing, as well as for furniture producing etc. In assortment there are frolls with different length of tape.

  • Aluminium foil, PE foam and KRAFT paper based adhesive tapes.

Company suggests different packings as well as producing rolls with different length and width by individual order.
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