The “Pogpet” Company was established in Yerevan to manufacture consumer goods including decorative finishing materials, in particular decorative ceiling cornices. After thorough analysis of the market, it became clear that offered similar production is low in quality and does not correspond with the consumer demands. The result of this research was procurement of special equipment for the production of the ceiling cornices.
The offered range of goods is placed in the according pages of this website. The models of cornices, their configuration, size, etc., are constantly renewed. In case of special demand we are able to manufacture cornices according to client’s individual order. Designers and market analysts of the “PogPet” company constantly evaluate the needs of the market.

For the satisfaction of client’s needs the company organized an ongoing delivery of extruded decorative cornices from Germany. There is a signed long term agreement with the “Homestar” company.

We have an established manufacturing of adhesive tapes in the industrial base of the “PogPet” company, which by their quality are in many aspects superior to the samples of the leading companies in the field. The “PogPet” company cooperates with all the leading construction, trade and industrial organizations of Armenia. It’s in close contact with similar companies from Germany, Turkey, China, Georgia, UAE etc.

Our company has a flexible sale system for the whole range of products. We are always happy to welcome any customer.
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